Acting for Two or More Clients continued

According to the BC Code, Chapter 3, rules 3.4-8 and 3.4-9 if you are jointly representing clients and a conflict arises between them:

  • you must cease representing all the clients unless all the clients provided the informed consent for your continued representation of one or more of them at the outset; or
  • obtain all the clients’ informed consent to your assisting them in resolving the conflict.

After the conflict has been resolved, it is possible to resume the joint representation if you receive the informed consent of all the clients (BC Code, Chapter 3, rule 3.4-10). If you are dealing with a real property conveyance, you must comply with the requirements established in Appendix C to the BC Code (BC Code, Chapter 3, rule 3.4-1).

If you wish to jointly represent two or more clients, review Chapter 3, rule 3.4 of the BC Code and refer to the Law Society of British Columbia website, which sets out two precedent letters for use when acting for two or more clients.

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