Conflicts Between Lawyer & Client - Sharing Space

Space-sharing occurs when you share office space with one or more lawyers but are not practising, or being held out to be practising, in partnership or association with them (BC Code, Chapter 3, rule 3.4-42). Before discussing space-sharing in this sense it is important to clarify that:

Any lawyer held out as practising in partnership or association with one or more lawyers has the same professional responsibilities to the general public, other lawyers and to the Law Society, for the actions of any lawyer or lawyers with whom he or she is practising in an apparent partnership or association, as the lawyer would have if carrying on practice with such lawyer or lawyers in a partnership.

(Handbook, Chapter 13, Rule 6).

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The concluding reference above to Chapter 13, Rule 6 of the Handbook appears to need updating. The Code now covers conflict rules for space-sharing arrangements at chapter 3, rules 3.4-42 and -43.