Real Estate Learning Module


The information contained in these modules, including any references to websites, appendices or links, has been prepared to assist readers as they develop or refresh their skills in the various areas of law covered by the modules. Given the changing nature of the law, readers should exercise their own skill and professional judgment when using the content. Always refer to the most current statutes, regulations, practice directions and notes, as well as the most recent case law and any other appropriate sources. These materials do not provide legal advice and should not be relied on in any way.

This module was updated in 2017. As you read through this module, if you find any information that is unclear, inaccurate or outdated, please advise the course facilitator.

  1. Introduction

  2. Law Office Economics

  3. Career Limiting Errors - Conflict of Interest

  4. Career Limiting Errors - Mandatory Disclosure

  5. Career Limiting Errors - Dealing with Unrepresented Parties

  6. Career Limiting Errors - The Elderly Transferor

  7. Career Limiting Errors - Shady Deals

  8. Career Limiting Errors - Undertakings

  9. Career Limiting Errors - Indian Lands and Leasehold Titles

  10. Career Limiting Errors - Land Title Office Forms

  11. Career Limiting Errors - Practical Strategies

  12. File Organization

  13. File Organization - Outside Front Cover

  14. File Organization - Inside Covers

  15. File Organization - Mortgage

  16. File Organization - Closed File

  17. The Purchase File

  18. The Purchase File - Contract of Purchase and Sale

  19. The Purchase File - Searches and Investigations

  20. The Purchase File - Other Considerations

  21. The Purchase File - Documents Prepared by Purchaser's Lawyer

  22. Purchaser's Statement of Adjustments (PSA) - Preparation

  23. Purchase Statement of Adjustments - Debit Column

  24. Purchase Statement of Adjustments - Credit Column

  25. The Purchase File - Vendor's Statement of Adjustments (VSA)

  26. The Purchaser File - Submitting Documents for Registration with LTO

  27. The Purchase File - The Mortgage Discharge

  28. The Mortgage File - The Potential For Conflict

  29. The Mortgage File - Reviewing the Mortgage Instructions

  30. The Mortgage File - Survey Certificate v. Title Insurance

  31. Preparing Mortgage Documents for Borrower Review - Lender's Loan Documents

  32. Preparing Mortgage Documents for Borrower Review - Mortgage Documents

  33. Preparing Mortgage Documents for Borrower Review - Mortgage Terms

  34. The Mortgage File - Covenantors and Guarantors

  35. The Mortgage File - Mortgagee's Request for Notification

  36. The Sale File

  37. The Sale File - Will the Vendor be Available to Sign Documents?

  38. The Sale File - The Non-Resident Vendor

  39. The Sale File - The Private Lender

  40. The Sale File - The Irrevocable Direction to Pay

  41. The Sale File - Meeting with Your Client

  42. The Sale File - The Completion Date

  43. The Sale File - Post-Completion Date Matters

  44. The Collapsing Deal

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