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I understand the importance of hiring a bookkeeper better than ever because the accounting section was hard for me to understand. Some of the requirements make sense, mostly the trust accounting requirements, and then when I get to the general ledger part I think I need a bookkeeper to help me with the overall business aspect of the books.

While I highly recommend working with an experienced bookkeeper, I think it is important for sole-proprietors to also participate in their own bookkeeping to understand exactly what is done and why. Bookkeepers don't always get it right! So it is best to be able to review their work with a full understanding of the ledgers and reconciliations.

Finding, hiring and keeping a great book-keeper is an essential part of building a successful practice. There is alot more involved in maintaining the books than many lawyers would expect and it isn't an area of the practice you want to risk underdeveloping. 

To hire a book keeper with good knowldge and experience of working in a law firm and understands the Trust acocunting system in the law firms.