CPD Credit Information - Practice Management Course

The free online Law Society Practice Management Course is approved for up to six hours of CPD credit. This course will also cover off the two hour professional responsibility, ethics, and practice management requirement. Credits can be claimed according to the time actually spent on the course, subject to the limit that a maximum of six hours of CPD credits can be claimed. Note that time spent adding comments to the course pages or making suggested changes to course content counts as time spent on the course for CPD purposes; please do help us improve the course content.

Lawyers need not complete the full course in order to claim credit for time spent on the course. For example, if 4.5 additional CPD hours are required to meet the annual requirement, then 4.5 hours can be spent on the course and credit claimed for the time spent. However, lawyers must complete the test component for a module worked on in order to claim CPD credit in respect of time spent working on that module. No particular grade is required to claim CPD credit for the module quizzes; CPD credit can be claimed based on participation. However, members who are required to take the Practice Management Course to comply with the requirements of Rules 3-28, 2-76(1)(b.1) or 3-19 of the Law Society Rules are required to repeat the quizzes for all modules of the Practice Management Course until they obtain 100% for each module.

Your CPD profile will not be automatically updated after you finish this course. To obtain CPD credit after completing this course you must self-report by following the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) link on the Member Online Resources page at the website of the Law Society. Go to the “Record Your Credits” section, select “Law Society of BC” as the provider, and enter “Practice Management Course” in the key word box. Leave all other boxes empty and hit search. The course will appear in the list of search results, click on the one for the correct year and in the next screen enter the date and hours of your participation.